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Melba's Fixins Lemon Meringue Pie

Posted by [email protected] on February 7, 2015 at 9:20 AM

T's Review:

We bought three of these in a pie soda trifecta. We tried Strawberry Cream as the first one. It was beyond terrible. Then we reluctantly tried Key Lime. It was actually really good. Now I had mixed feelings about trying this one. I smelled it and it was really good at first, exactly like a lemon meringue pie. When we poured it in the cups, it smelled like chemicals. It had a nice light yellow color to it. When I tasted it, I realized it was better than the Key Lime. It was really good and tasted exactly like a lemon meringue pie. The aftertaste was sadly chemical, but it was worth it. Thank you Rocket Fizz, for another great soda!!!

Verdict: Buy a 4-pack

Rating: 7/10


B`s Review:

I have been pretty cautious when sampling the Melba`s Fixins series ever since the Strawberry Cream incedent, but the key lime pie was pretty good so my faith in them has been some what renewed. The color of this soda was a kinda cloudy yellow which seemed appropriate for such a pop. The smell was nice yet also off putting somehow. The lemon smell was a mix of lemonade and lemon cleaner, which gave it a kinda chemicaly lemon smell but there was also a a nice rich crem aroma, like wipped cream. When we poured the soda it looked very carbonated. When I first tasted the soda I was surprised. It had a nice lemon taste that was complimented by a nice cream flavor. The cream wasn`t as good as the smell but it was still pretty decent. The lemon taste was alot like the smell, lemonade and cleaner, but I am glad to say that it was heavily on the lemonade side. The carbonation was nice and worked well for this pop. I wouls say this pop was ok but it could have been much better.

 Verdict: buy a bottle

Rating: 6.75 /10

C's Review:

 I have liked the previuos melbas that we tried so I had some expectations to be fufiled. The melbas straberry cream was decent, but the key lime by was beond my expectations not my favorite or even close but it was still good enough to reach and pass my expectations.The color was a tinted yellow with various highlights. It was a nice color and it definetly seems fitting to the lemon marang tital. But it was not perfect there was a very intense smell that kicked in late. It was a lemon cloroxs wipes smell that gave it the signutar chemical smell but there was a very nice cream scent that also took away the chemical scent. When we poured this soda the color was only inriched and the highlights got brighter. The soda looked carbonated and fresh but at the same time I doubted it would be very good. The taste was surprisingly very good it surtantly not top 10 but it had a taste that had a lemonade flavor with the creamy taste that was very good. Overall I think that this was definitly a good soda but I would have made some changes.


Verdict:but a 2 pack

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