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Sprecher Ginger Ale

Posted by [email protected] on February 2, 2015 at 5:20 PM

B`s Review:

I have been looking forward to this tasting for a little while now and I have high hopes for this Sprecher Gnger Ale. As you should know Sprecher`s is a tryed ans true brand of RTBC so we were all looking forward to this review. The classic Sprecher bottle depicted an ice skating penguin which was conviently placed due to the foot of snow outside. The color was clear which is usually the case with ginger ales. The smell was faint but you could smell the ginger for sure. When we tryed this soda I have to admit I was disapointed. The ginger didn`t have the zing that I was looking for in this soda. The ginger was strong but there seemed to be no other flavor. Also the carbonation was very high and it almost seemed like a ginger tonic water. Although the ginger flavor wasn`t bad at all, it just seemed a little plain to me. The ginger left a litle tingle in the back of my throat which is a chrectaristic that I have come to expect from gourmet ginger ales. This soda wasn`t bad but I guss I had high expectations.

Verdict: buy a bottle

Rating: 7/10

C's Review:

Woo hoo sprechers! I had very very high expectations for this soda and I can not say they were met fully. The color of this soda was a normal tranclucent color but there was a little reflection from the glass and the label which by the way was really cool and oppropreit for winter because it was a a ICE SKATING PANGUIN. The smell was very normal and troditunal for a ginger a lot of ginger not really anything else besides that so the smell was plain. The taste was very plain a very troditonal ginger flavor a little bit like a club soda. I think that this just a very plain soda not alot of flavor. This soda was alot like a club soda. This soda was not bad at all but I think that compared to the other ginger ales/beers this was just not that special. Also a factor could have been that I had extremely extremely high expectations and this didnt meet those.

Verdict: Buy a 2 pack

Rating: 7/10

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