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Reeds Original Ginger Brew

Posted by [email protected] on February 1, 2015 at 2:25 PM

B`s Review:

I have been very impressed with Reed`s products in the past so I was very exited to try this pop. When I looked at the website it said that it was made with pineapple, lemon, lime, honey an spices along with the usual ingredients (carbonated water, cane sugar etc.). I was curious about why they used the pineapple but I soon found out. Another thing that caught my eye on this traditional 12oz bottle was the "Jamaican Style" heading above the flavor. When I looked at the website I saw that it is made with Jamaican recipe, fancy. Any way the smell of this pop was very fresh and strong. It smelled as natural a can be. I am not exagerating when I say that it took me to a tropical Jamaican island, after all we were trying it outside in the middle of a snowstorm for some reason. You could actually smell the pineapple thinking back on it. When we poured the pop it was clear and you could see the carbonation in the stream flowing down into the cup. Thetaste of this soda was alot like the smell...natural. You could tell that the ginger was natural because the taste was so high quality. It wasn`t spicy but left a little heat in the back of your throat. Also there was a strong un-deniable lime flavor that complimented the ginger well. Although the lime was nice I wouldn`t mind a little less of it. The pineapple was noticable and was probably for the better. I am gonna bet that they used the pineapple to cut the spice a little. Good pop for all to enjoy.

Verduct: Buy an 12 pack

Rating: 8.5 /10

C's Review

I really liked the reeds apple brew so I was really exited to try this soda. This soda had a clear translucent green color that was a little like the apple but besides the green. The smell was really good it was a stong ginger but a fruity zing to it. The taste was amazing the gigner flavor was nice very strong but there was an unnatural fruit cup like flavor that didnt feel intended. Overal this was a great soda and I was very imppressed with reeds and this soda and good job.


Verdict:buy a 12 pack 

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