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Snooki Wild Cherry From Rocket Fizz

Posted by [email protected] on February 1, 2015 at 2:15 PM

B`s Review:

Rocket Fizz`s sodas have been unprodictable in the past so I wasn`t sure what to expect. Wild cherry is in a totally different than Black Cherry so my expectations are very different when I review wild cherries. A good wild cherry in my opinion is a sweet but flavorful chery flavor with perfect carbonation. Also I kept in mind that this is more of a gag soda so I some what lowered my expectations. The color of this soda was artificial but perfect for a wild cherry. It was a light red that was the exact color of a maraschino cherry. The smell was a sweet cherry flavor with a hint of that notorious Rocket Fizz chemical smell to it. I was alarmed because the last couple Rocket Fizz pops didn`t have that chemical taste and I thought I was in the safe zone. Anyway it smelled a little sweet for my likeing but it had a very nice cherry smell that made up for the sweetness. The taste of this pop was altogether pretty good. Carbonation was perfect and it helped bring out the cherry from the sweetness. The cherry was alot like a Maraschino cherry but that was expected so no damage done. It was sweet but not too sweet and I am proud to say that there was no chemical flavor at all what so ever. It was a little artificial though which lowered my rank a bit. I would recomend this pop to anyone that is not bothered by sweetness or Jersey Shore.

Verdict: buy a 4 pack

Rating: 7.5/10

C's Review

I didnt know what to expect with this soda because in the the past rocket fizz has had a mix of good and bad. I started of by seeing a bright pinkish red color that reminded me alot of foxon park but there was a darker base. The smell was also alot like foxon park but it was a bit sweeter and I am sensitive when it comess to sweetness so that got me uneasy.The taste was sooo close to foxon park it was like the flavors were mimicing each other I really liked foxon park so this was good in my book but the only thing that I would quoistion the sweetness of the thing because it was really really sweet.

Verdict:buy a 6 pack


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