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Jackson Hole Soda Company Root Beer

Posted by [email protected] on January 27, 2015 at 4:35 PM

B`s Review:

I will start off by saying that the Virgils Bavarian Nutmeg was unique and outstanding. I expected it to meet its match eventually, but not this soon! The Virgils was unique and one of the most interesting flavor profiles I have ever encountered. With ingredients from over 8 different countries it was also one of the most expensive. Anyway this is about JHS`s root beer so where do I start. I went into this pop like I do with any other review, cautious but curious. The JHS Grape was good but nothing special so I wasn`t sure what to think. When I smelled this pop it was a nice sweet root beer smell. Pretty standard at this point. The color was a dark brown and I could see the bubbles. The pop got a nice head when poured which is always a good sign. The first thing I noticed was a little burst of carbonation when it entered my mouth. Soon the fizz disapated and a unique, well made, root beer flavor entered my mouth. I remember that the Virgils had strong notes of licorice, sweet birch, and wintergreen. The JHS Root Beer wasn`t all to different in that sense. It had spectacular notes of licorice and wintergreen that were only slightly more noticable than normal, but the sweet birch was stronger and really made this soda unique. The sweet birch kinda pulled this whole pop together. It blended the traditional root beer flavor with a more exotic flavor if you will. The sweet birch made this soda sweet but not too sweet and still maintained a traditional root beer feel to it. The carbonation level was a little low for other flavors of soda but with root beer and cream sodas it is acceptiable because it allows more flavor to reach your taste buds without the carbonation masking it. I think that I will make a rule for that called "The Carbo Principle" . This soda was also silky smooth and I woud recomend it to anyone.

Verdict: Buy a 16 pack

Rating: 8.75/10

C's Review: 

I was very exited for this soda after trying the grape from the same brand and that was really good. I was looking at this soda to see only a rootbeer because the color was simply just normal. The smell was a creamy with a hint of licorice in the mix, the smell was a little more than normal. The taste was like the smell a creamy rootbeer with a little licorice in there to give it a really good rootbeer. I think that JHS did a really really good job on this and that I wil drink this again for sure.

Rating 9/10

Verdict: buy a crate. 

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