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Rocket Fizz Wintergreen

Posted by [email protected] on January 8, 2015 at 10:50 AM

B`s Review:

As you know the other members of RTBC and I are fond of the Rocket Fizz line. We have tried many from this line and have been pleased so I was expecting good things. The flavor wintergreen on first glance might seem strange in a soda and it is, but it is one of the main flavors in any Birch Beer so if you like Birch Beer than this shouldn`t be to weird to you. The color of this soda was a dark green that looked very artificial. When we poured the soda the dark green looked lighter in the cup which is weird because i have never seen that before in a soda. Maybe when its exposed to oxygen? Any way the smell was a light, minty, cool, scent that was identical to the smell of an Altoid. When we tasted the soda it had some major similarities to the smell. The flavor wasn`t too strong, like the smell. It was alot like an Altoid, like the smell. However there was a chmicaly taste that wasn`t too strong but noticable. I wasn`t fond of the chemical taste and I have not tasted that flavor in this particular line of Rocket Fizz sodas. The carbonation was nice and helped the soda in a very nice way. I would have to say I would prefer a Birch Beer greatly to this soda but I have to give them points for the unique flavor. The flavor was accurate and this was not a bad soda but I would probably prefer a more traditional flavor of soda, like I have said in other Rocket Fizz reviews.

Verdict: Buy a 4 pack 

Rating: 6.5/10

C's Review

When I saw this soda I didnt know what to expect, it had a extremely dark green color that made me uneasy. It was a upredictabal soda because the color but  I wondered if it would be like a birch beer. I know that birch beer has a minty flavor and that the "Virgils Buvahrion Nutmeg" soda so that gave me a thought. The smell  was strong but resembled wintergreen alot so that was good. The flavor was as I suspected a little bit like birch beer but without the rootbeer. After trying this soda I was very impressed in rocket fizz and felt that we should try more of there sodas.

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: buy a 6-pack

R's Review:

I like mint a lot. As you can see I have the birch beer in my top five. Rocket Fizz sodas are either good or bad. This had a dark green color which was different kind of. It had a nice minty smell that was actually pretty strong. The taste was a kind of minty taste that wasn't as strong as the smell. Normally I expect wintergreen to have a strong flavor but this soda didn't really. It did resemble it's title but I was expecting it to be something different. I don't know what it was lacking but I knew there was something. Overall I thought this soda was not bad with a good minty flavor but there was deffinitely something lacking from it.

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: Buy a 4 pack

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