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Jarritos Guava

Posted by [email protected] on January 7, 2015 at 11:00 PM

B`s Review:

I am going to bet that all of you out there have heard of Jarritos. A spanish soda line that can be found at Jewel, Meier or pretty much any other grocery store in town. However some of the more unique flavors (Tamarind, Guava etc.) are found at spanish grocery stores or specialty stores. This soda was purchased at a local Grocery store and I was exited to try it. It is hard to believe that we have not yet tried anything from this popular brand. The color of this pop was a solid pink that looked a lot like I would picture a Guava to look like. It looked refreshing and natural. I dont have much expirience with Guava but I know what it tasts like but it is difficult to describe. The smell of this pop was like how a guava should smell like. Fruity and sweet but with an edge. As I smelled this one key thing came to mind. The smell was A LOT like a topping that is sold at many FroYo places that I have been to. Unfortunetly I had no clu what they were called so I decided to look it up. I found out that they are called "Bobas". They are small round balls that pop when chewed and have a color that corisponds to the flavor. They are fruity, tangy and sweet and so was the smell. When I tasted this pop it was very similar to them with just a little more tartness to it. The carbonation was perfect in this soda and that helped it keep the flavor from becoming too strong. This is a unique soda that I would recomend to anyone who wants a little adventure.

Verdict: Buy a 6 pack

Rating: 7.5/10

C's Review

I have had some joritos before and they were very good so Iwas exited to try this one. I dont actully know that much about guavas but I know that they are tropical. The color was a nice light pink but I dont know if its the color of guava or not. The smell was fresh a little bit like a pink lemonade but with a tropical touch. The smell was like the little berry things that you get on a froyo but I dont know what its called. The taste was great it was a very tropical flavor with a hint of berry, it was very good. I again dont know if this is what a guava is supposed to taste like but is seems pretty close. Overall this was a good soda and it reminded me of what I think guava is like.

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: buy a 8 pack

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