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Seal Ya Later (Osama Bin Laden Dictator Series)

Posted by [email protected] on January 7, 2015 at 10:40 PM

B`s Review:

We have tried a dictator soda from Rocket Fizz before (Atomic Orange Kim Jong Un) and we were not pleased. But I like colas and I consider myself open minded so when I grabbed this soda I tried to remain optomistic. The color of this soda was that of an average cola. And since the last soda from this line wasn`t all that quality I expected this to taste like Coke or Pepsi. Note this soda IS sweetned with cane sugar so it shouldn`t stick to my teeth. When we poured the pop I smelled a pretty standard cola scent.I liked the scent and it smelled pretty decent quality wise but not all that dofferent from Coke or Pepsi. It had the unique spicy scent that only a cola can give to you. When I tasted this pop I was pleased. It had a nice cola flavor that was similar to Coke and it unfortunetly stuck to my teeth after I swallowed (also like Coke). Anyway there was a uniqueness to this cola that I can`t fully identify. I know that it regards the flavor being a little heavy on a certain spice or ingredient though. Also there was that chemicaly tatse that the Atomic Orange and many other Rocket Fizz sodas seem to share, although I have to say that it went better with the cola than the orange. I think the unmistacable cola flavor masked it a little and that was a pleasant surprise. Not too much to say about this soda but its not bad so give it a try.

Verdict: buy a 4 pack

Rating: 7/10

C's Review:

After trying the "Kim Jun Un" orange soda I was a little uneasy about this soda because there was a strange chemical taste in the orange soda. This was also a dictator soda and I kind of imagened this being a name brand cola because you cant really make a terrible cola but you can make a not so good cola. The color of this soda was a normal name brand cola color which is a kind of just a dark brown color so that discouraged me a little bit. The smell was a little like a cherry coke but minus a little of the cherry so I guss thats kinda good. The taste was good it reminded me exactly of a name brand cola it but it had cane sugar and not corn syrup so it didnt stick to your teeth so that was pretty cool because it wasnt bad and I would actuly recommend it to somebody. However it had a small small chemical aftertaste but this soda was good.

Rating: 6.5/10

Verdict: buy  a 4 pack

T's Review:

We've had our good and bad shares of Rocket Fizz sodas. In the beginning, we were so excited to try the three of them because of their hilarious names and supposedly good flavors. The Kim Jong Un one was orange flavored and it was beyond terrible. This was the seond of four, and to be honest, I wan't excited, but that's only because of the Kim Jong Un soda. It was a darkish brown color that looked like a name brand cola, like Dr. Pepper. It smelled the same way. I actually hate name brand cola, but for some reason, I love gourmet cola. Then I tasted it and it was pretty good. It tasted like coke, but with an extra kick of fizz and cane sugary goodness. The aftertaste was a bit on the chemical sida, but it was still pretty good. I think I'm getting to like colas a little more.

Verdict: Buy a 4-pack

Rating: 7/10

R's Review:

I was not overall excited about this soda. I have tried the dictator sodas before and I did not like them. The KIm Jong Un soda was terrible. The smell was a Dr. Peppery smell with a dark brown to it. My first taste was a soda that kind of tasted like coke. I am a fan of colas that have a fruity flavor to it like Dr. Pepper. This was lacking that flavor. It had a great carbonation. It had a nice sugary taste but the aftertaste kind of killed it. Like other dictator sodas, it had the little chemical aftertaste. Overall, I thought this soda was better than the other dictator sodas but still not the best.

Verdict: Buy a 4 pack

Rating: 6.75/10

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