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Rocket Fizz Shirley Temple

Posted by [email protected] on December 25, 2014 at 4:30 PM

B`s Review:

Shirley Temple, Kiddie Cocktail, whatever you want to call it, it is ginger and cherry. The common way to make this is to mix ginger ale and cherry juice but not at Rocket Fizz. In this case it is a soda. As you know I am pleased with the Rocket Fizz line of sodas and I`m enjoyed the 2 we have sampled so far. When I smelled this soda I could only really smell a sweet cherry scent. Also I could smell a little carbonation but nothing else.When I first saw this soda it had a pink color that made me think of cherry. I tasted this soda under th impression that this would be a cherry based soda and I was right. It had a sweet cherry flavor that was a little on the sweet side but not like cough syrup. The ginger flavor was there but not enough of it. However the flavor that the ginger presented was very nice. The soda was refreshing but the balance was very off . The soda did taste good though despite its many flaws. I would have to say that this is another Rocket Fizz succes. Not much to say about this soda but I would prefer this over the cinnimon (see review) that Rocket Fizz released but that wasn`t bad either.

Verdict: Buy a 6 pack

Rating: 7.5/10

C's Review

This drink is a drink that has been so popular that EVERYONE knows what it is and thats why when I saw the soda I didnt know what to expect. The color was good like a whiteish red color that reminded me of a shirley temple and there looked to be carbonation in it because it bubbled a little.There was a surprisingly sweet smell that was a decent cherry a little bit like foxon park cherry but a bit sweeter and there was the fiant faint smell of ginger but you couldnt really notice that. The taste was a good but a little on the sweet side cherry that ended up turning to just a carbonation aftertaste that in my oppinion was not horible. This soda was very good and it did remind me of a shirley temple but in my oppinion a little on the sweet side. Overall im a pleased so good job Rocket Fizz!

Rating: 7/10

Verdict: buy a 5 pack

T's Review:

I love regular Shirley Temples, but they have name brand sodas, like Sprite, and they use fake cherry syrup. That's why I was really excited to try this soda. It was a nice shade of red and looked really cool. It smelled very sweet like the Foxon Park cherry, kinda like a Maraschino cherry. I tried it and it tasted EXACTLY like a Shirley Temple. I honestly didn't see any difference and I'd have it again. I love Rocket Fizz, and this adds another to the list. BTW check my top 5!

Verdict: Buy a 5-pack

Rating: 7.5/10

R's Review:

I really like Shirley Temples and I was excited to try this. Rocket Fizz sodas aren't always my favorite but I thought this would be different. It had an unusual bright pink color to it and I'm used to having a reddish color. It had a nice sweet smell and I thought it would also be sweet. But when I tried it I thought it was a bit bland. It was good but bland. It had the aftertaste of a bland soda which I am not a fan of. It had an awesome carbonation though. I felt Rocket Fizz did pretty good with this soda but it was also more on the flavor of a pink lemonade. I thought it was pretty good overall but I would rather go for some other Shirley Temple.

Verdict: Buy a 4 pack

Rating: 7/10

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