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Bedford's Ginger Ale

Posted by [email protected] on December 25, 2014 at 4:10 PM

B`s Review:

As I looked down at the green tinted bottle with an old-fashion label attached to the front I had one thought and one thought only... this better be a ginger ALE. As you should know ginger ales are smoother while ginger beers are strong and spicy. We recently tried Americana Honey Lime Ginger ALE (see review) and it was very spicy, so they kinda ruined my sense of security when it comes to labeling (the soda was great though). Then I recall that Bedford`s also has a ginger beer so my worries were over nothing. I could review the soda with ease now. The soda was clear and bubbled up when poured and looked identical to a name brand ginger beverage. The smell was also simlar to a name brand soda but much fresher. When we tasted the soda I looked at R and he was smiling with glee and so was I. This is probably one of the best ginger sodas I have ever had. Although I might be a little bias because I prefer ales more than beers you all should see my other reviews and see that I enjoy beers as well. This soda had a PERFECT carbonation and was pretty smooth going down. The flavor was nice and natural so that gave it some points. The ginger flavor was calm and colected and by no means spicy yet it still maintained a high quality ginger flavor like that of a ginger beer. There was also a citrus note that maintained a nice balance with the ginger flavor. Maybe a lemon lime, but definetly lime. As the citrus flavor wasn`t as bold as the ginger it was still pretty balanced. I would recomend this to anyone that likes ginger.

Verdict: buy a 12 pack

Rating: 8.5/10

C's Review:

Well the last ginger ale we tried was a ginger beer so I didnt know if this would be a ginger "ALE" or a "BEER". The color of this soda was clear like a normal ginger soda so at that time I thought this was a average soda but little did I know this soda would be more than that. The smell was great, it had a good ginger ale flavor with a hint of limon added in there for an extra touch. The flavor was a great flavor that was like the smell including the lime flavor that added a GREAT flavor and a outstanding finish to the great ginger ALE soda. This was definetly a ginger ale but not a ginger beer. This soda beat my expectations by ALOT and I mean alot! Great job bedfords.

Rating: 8/10

Verdict: buy a 12 pack

T's Review:

I liked the old-fashioned logo on the front and the green tinted bottle, but I didn't know what to think; I don't like ginger ale. It was a pretty good smell with a little hint of lime in there. That surprised me pleasantly, but the taste was still to come. I don't like ginger ale in the first place, so nervous as always. I tried it and it was pretty good. This was probably one of the first actual ginger ales that didn't taste like ginger beer. Probably my favorite ginger ale so far. Good job, Bedford's!

Verdict: Buy a 6-pack

Rating: 7/10

R`s Review:

This is the best ginger ale I have ever tried. It is like heaven in your mouth. All I want to sayis that this is the best ginger ale ever. It has a nice fruity and ginger flavor, it's awesome.

Verdict: Buy a crate

Rating: 9.5/10

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